2018 Season

Curtain Up!

by Peter Quilter

The hilarious story of five women who inherit equal shares in a dilapidated theatre and plan to bring it back to life again. They try various fund-raising schemes but their most ambitious is to hold a concert featuring local talent and a world-famous star who agrees to appear for no fee!
However, their plans go awry and it's a race to keep their audience from guessing the truth of the matter.

Directed by

Louise Woodward

Cast and Crew

Introducing the cast of Mooroolbark Theatre Group’s June production, Curtain Up! 

Left to right: Alex Potter, Allyson Hodge, Lesley Jenkin, Jill Barton and Rebecca Misra

Mooroolbark Theatre Group is proud to present the crew of their June production of Curtain Up!

Left to right: John McBride, Henry Martin, Emi Martin, Arline Myers, Hazel and Ellen Liersch


John McBride
Henry Martin
Emi Martin
Arline Myers
Hazel and Ellen Liersch


Alex Potter
Allyson Hodge
Lesley Jenkin
Jill Barton
Rebecca Misra


We have been going to the Mooroolbark Theatre twice a year for at least 6 years and plan to continue enjoying the excellent performances that the dedicated cast and crew present to their audiences for more years to come.
Good comedy plays, Impressive casts, Clever acting, Creative stage sets all with live music and sherry, tea, coffee with cake provided. Fantastic value for a very enjoyable night's entertainment!

Toni Brand