2017 Season

The Savage Dilemma

by John Patrick

Depressed and world-weary, after extensive travels, the reputedly wealthy Mrs Ethel Savage returns to the sheltered precincts of the Cloisters (a home for the mentally ill), seeking refuge among fellow patients. But the Cloisters, is on the verge of closing down due to lack of funds, and as Mrs Savage's fortune is now in the hands of her greedy step children, she is powerless to help. Until, that is, a "hippy" couple storm in bent on robbery - and Mrs Savage persuades them to "kidnap" her, with her share of the ransom to go to the Cloisters. From there on the plot twists and turns delightfully as one hilarious event follows another, leading in the end to a heartwarming lesson in the essential goodness that lurks somewhere even in the worst (and sanest) of us.